How do I use THE OFFICIAL:


The process is simple. Utilizing a mobile device, download the free app:​

  1. Create a username and password
  2. Complete the information required for the player and responsible person
  3. Upload a personal photo (the player cannot be wearing any headgear and the background must be solid)
  4. Upload a photo of the players birth certificate (please black out any information unrelated to verifying the date of birth)
  5. Enter the proper name and date of birth.
  6.  Pay the required fee for obtaining a Unique ID
  7. ​Once the information is verified you will be issued a unique serial number for the player. There will need to be a unique serial number for each roster you place your player on.
  8. ​​Provide that serial number to your coach for entry onto a roster. Only one unique ID will work per roster

When the team arrives at the game location the Official responsible for the game will utilize the image on the roster to verify each player is the appropriate age to play in the game.

The app works on iPhone and Android

Legitimizing the game!   

The Official youth sports app is a tool utilized by the officials

       The Official