Legitimizing the game!   

The Official youth sports app is a tool utilized by the officials

       The Official 

  • Referee creates a free account
  • Referee appears at a game and ascertains the 2 teams he’s officiating and enters them into the app 
  • Can update the score as the game progresses or at the conclusion
  • At the conclusion of the game he makes his comments from the drop down boxes 
  • Makes any additional notes and submits it and he/she is done
  • Ref can suspend a player through the app (this will automatically generate a notification to The Official and the player will not be eligible for one week, as determined by the ref, from the date of the suspension
  • When a suspension takes place the player turns red on the roster and on the player's account he is listed as suspended. This will apply to all of the players roster positions
  • When an injury such as a concussion is reported the referee notes it in the app and the players roster turns blue and they are listed as injured. This will not be lifted until a proper medical clearance is obtained

The app works on iPhone and Android